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Creditor Mediation and Advocacy
For some clients, participating in budget counselling sessions may not be enough to solve their financial problems. Additionally, some clients need the credit counsellor to intervene on their behalf, by directly communicating with creditors, other community agencies, courts, etc.

Intervention could include arrangements for debt consolidation, adjustment of payment contract, intervention on behalf of the client with respect to garnishees and wage assignments. It could also include written or verbal contact with other community agency or service on the client's behalf.
Some clients may require intervention as they feel they are being harassed by collection agencies or unscrupulous collectors. The Ministry of Consumer and Business Services has an excellent website which provides information to consumers about the collection agencies act and other government services. If a client is having a problem or concern with their financial services provider, they can go to The Centre for Financial Services Ombuds Network for help.
If budgeting
debt management
isn't enough
Man and Woman in Credit Counselling
Are you being harrassed by creditors?



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